Our Mission

  We wish to create a historic racing series for group A cars from the period 1982-1986

The aim with the series is to allow our beloved racing cars form the golden era of group A racing to once again meet on the track for some 100octaine action. We also strive to connect with likeminded individuals that share common interest of this type of historic saloon racing.  . 

 We are as well looking forward to meeting people with a huge interest in just this type of cars.  

  Don’t be fooled, the cars will be raced, but we want to keep this to an enjoyable and sensible level with reduced pressure to perform like they did in the old days where this class of racing was a serious business.

  The intension is to limit the series to three events, this would attract the widest interest and ensure the perspective competitors would complete the series. Races will be held in Belgium, Germany and England. 

 We will race cars in the 1600cc, 2500cc and above 2500cc category, just as back then.
The race format will be one-hour races with two drivers.
We intend to have two races each weekend event.   

Appendix K requirements and be granted a valid Historic Technical Passport (HTP).
There will be a one make control tyre.
The performance will be balanced by pre-defined driver change stop duration.