Welcome back to the roaring 80´s!

 Together we will make a trip back to  loud and intense racing we had the first half of the eighties. Racing with many makes in three different categories on famous circuits with famous cars. The trick to make this happen is to have contact with every single Group A car owner in the world.  Pleas let us know about your car, then we will be able to keep you informed about the development of our series.  

First Touring Car Festival will be held on Nürburgring 1-3 October.

Now its official!
We will join Fahrergemeinschaft Historischer Rennsport (FHR) and their series Tourenwagen Classic, for a Touring Car Festival at Nürburgring the first weekend of October 2021.

This means that it will not only be the period of cars from 1982 to 1986, as we planned in the first place, but we will also welcome cars from the period 1987 – 1993, both Group A and DTM, which will race with the Tourenwagen Classic, the same weekend.

The races will be held on the 5,148 km long GP track

This will be the first historic race for the Group A there the period will be divided in two separated heats.
- There was a huge development form the start of Group A to the end of its living. I believe it will be fairer to run against the cars from its own era, says Peggen Andersson, who is the person behind the Touring Car Festival,

Divided length of pit stops.
In the class from cars 82-86 we will take this a step further as we will give the fastest cars a longer stay in the pitlane, in order to make the field more even.
-We need to be aware that this is 80% great fun and 20% competition, even if it uses to turn the other way around, when the helmet is on, says Peggen. We want to give everyone the feeling that they are a big part of the entertainment and everybody should fell that they can be on the podium, if they do everything right.

Tree separate classes.
The race for Group A 82-86 will be divided in three separate classes. Under 1600cc, over 1600 cc and over 2500cc, just as it was in the European Championship this year.

Reunion party in the Eifel!
There are also plans for a big Group A reunion were drivers, team members and other people who were involved with the sport in the eighties will be able to meet again!

We are right now working with getting in touch with car owners that we want you to be there! 
Please register here! Car owners.

Owner of a Group A 1982-1986 car?

We are right now working with getting in touch with car owners that we want you to be there! 
Please register here! Car owners.

2021 we will run the first race